Criteria for Admission:

Referrals are accepted from Hospital Liaison officers, Public Health Nurses, G.Ps, Consultants, residents themselves and family members. All are welcome to view the nursing home prior to admission, and a meeting will be arranged with the Director of Nursing/Person In Charge to complete a pre admission assessment, and confirm details of admission.

We understand that the decision to move into long-term care can be a stressful time. At Aras Mhuire Nursing Home we want to make the resident’s transition as smooth as possible. Our Director of Nursing/person in Charge will be happy to meet with the resident or resident’s family to give a tour of the building and discuss any personal needs a resident may have. In our experience the more information we obtain with regard to the prospective resident prior to an admission in relation to health, medication, personality, likes and dislikes the smoother the transition is to the home. In order to ensure uninterrupted attention we would ask that an appointment be made in the first instance.

On Admission

On admission, new residents are evaluated by our nursing staff to determine their needs. A comprehensive care plan will be completed within 48 hours of admission in consultation with the resident and their family. A resident’s progress and well-being are measured against the plan, which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis

Menu and Nutrition

All special diets, likes and dislikes are documented in the residents’ assessment on admission. Residents requirements are communicated to our catering staff to ensure all nutritional requirements are well catered for. We operate a full HACCP Quality Assurance Standard kitchen.

Daily menus are on display throughout the home and offer a wide variety of choice for each course. Residents have the option of dining in the privacy of their own room or joining the other residents in the dining areas.

Medical Care

All residents of Aras Mhuire can continue to use the services of their own GP or they can nominate to change to a local G.P. if they prefer. There is 24 hour G.P. cover in the home with South-Doc providing out of hours cover.


Emergency Admissions

Aras Mhuire Nursing Home advocates planned admissions, preferably where the resident has visited the nursing home prior to admission, or where the resident has met with a senior member of the nursing staff prior to admission. Emergency admissions shall be avoided where possible. (HIQA 2008, 1.4)

Where a resident is admitted in an emergency, they shall be provided with information about key aspects of the service within 24 hours of admission. (HIQA 2008, 1.6)

Where the resident has been admitted to Aras Mhuire Nursing Home in an emergency, they shall be given time, information and, if necessary, access to an advocate, in order to decide whether or not to remain in Aras Mhuire Nursing Home on a long term basis.

  • Where the resident does not wish to stay after receiving all the information and support that can be provided to them, the Director of Nursing shall assist the resident and their family/representative to explore other options.
  • Where the resident decides to stay in Aras Mhuire Nursing Home, the resident shall be assessed and have a care plan created for their care.
  • Where the resident is admitted as an emergency, they shall be assessed as per pre assessment forms. All necessary information relating to the resident’s health, personal and social care needs shall be obtained from this assessment as soon as possible after admission and no later than 48 hours after admission. (HIQA 2008, 10.1). Results from the assessment will assist with the creation of the resident’s care plan.
  • Medications for residents admitted as an emergency are managed by providing the pharmacist with a current prescription and acquiring the appropriate medication in consultation with the GP.
  • All staff shall recognise that residents who are admitted via emergency assessment may require additional support for their orientation to Aras Mhuire Nursing Home. All staff shall provide such residents with ongoing support and assistance in adjusting to the residential home