The aims and objectives of Aras Mhuire Nursing Home

Our objective at Aras Mhuire Nursing Home is to create a place where people can live comfortably and receive services they require. The aim of the Service is to facilitate resident directed care supported by self-managed teams, in order to allow older people to receive ongoing care services as required in a setting which allows them to live to their fullest, enjoying multiple social, psychological and spiritual aspects of life and meaningful connections with others. Residents are encouraged to make choices about their daily routines. These choices range from when to get up, to what to wear, what activities they wish to be involved in, and how they want to participate in the management of their own health as well as how they can participate in the management of the home.

To help us function as a true community in which everyone’s contribution is recognised and valued, all residents (including those with cognitive impairment), their families and staff members have the opportunity to be involved in the decisions that affect them, to the extent that they wish to be involved.

The transition to residential care can be a traumatic time for some older people. To meet individual needs, a range of approaches are used to make the transition to care as smooth as possible.

There is a major emphasis on Activity Focused Care. This approach means that meaningful activity is to be found in everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing etc. The normal routines of daily life are considered part of the activity programme. Activities should not always consist of leisure or entertainment opportunities; the most effective activities often involve everyday tasks and involve a person’s everyday occupations and feelings of self-worth.

Aras Mhuire Nursing Home offers each resident an opportunity to create a home like environment, where residents are encouraged to bring in personal items to make their rooms as homely as possible. Sitting and other communal areas are personalised to create a feeling of home.

Quality of care is considered within the context of quality of life. Consequently the philosophies, strategies, everyday ways of working and improvements take into account person-by-person acknowledgement of the priorities of individual residents. Evaluation of quality of care should also acknowledge that the broad range of stakeholders in care homes bring their distinct insights.


Facilities provided by the registered Provider:

Aras Mhuire Nursing Home is situated in the grounds of Listowel Hospital on the edge of Listowel Heritage Town. The Nursing Home is therefore serviced by nearby hotels, restaurants, public houses, shops, library, and local day care centre, GP surgeries; South Doc. Aras Mhuire Nursing Home will assist our residents to participate in external activities when required.


Aras Mhuire Nursing Home is a purpose built single story dwelling.


Type of Room Number



Size of room/ Ranges



Treatment Room 1  


Ensuite Single rooms 3  

11.5 sq metres

Single Rooms 4


9.3sq metres
TWIN room

Twin ensuite toilet only



29.5sq metres

3.2sq mts

Twin Rooms 5 14.8.sq mts.
Twin room

Twin ensuite shower room



1 20.42 sq mts

6.1sq mts

Lounge Sitting Rooms 2 65.5 Sq mts

36 sq mts


Dining Room 1 38.3 sq mts


Visitors/Family Room 1 10 Sq mts


Conservatory 1 24.5 Sq mts


Laundry Area 1 28.59 Sq mts


Offices 2 9.12 Sq mts

19.2 Sq mts


Nurses Station 1 8.3 Sq mts


Staff Canteen 1 10.89 Sq mts


4 Store Areas Main




23.04 Sq mts


There is one secure outdoor enclosed courtyard area and a secure garden

As well as a large open garden to the front of the building.


Additional Services

Advocacy services- We currently have two resident advocates available to all residents of Aras Mhuire. The advocates are available free of charge to assist residents in making a complaint, to advise residents of their rights and to make a complaint on behalf of the resident if requested to do so.

Please refer to Residents well being and safety section of this guide for further details specific therapeutic techniques

Occupational therapy, Speech and Language therapy and Physiotherapy appointments can be arranged by referral to the HSE and residents facilitated to attend.

Service/facility/activity Frequency Accessibility


Daily No Restrictions


Every Thursday No Restrictions

Sacrament of the sick

3 monthly and as required No restrictions


On Request No Restrictions


Weekly No Restrictions




No Restrictions




One independent provided daily and one Kerryman and Kerry’s eye provided weekly. Cost Incurred for any additional papers

Music Session



No Restrictions



Winter Months

No Restriction



On Request

Wash Cut and set- 25

Colour cut and set-50


Dry cut-12


Local singers & story telling



No Restrictions

Day trips out


Summer Months

No Restrictions
Health Walk


Weather Permitting No Restrictions.
Knitting Club




No Restrictions
Activity Programme


Monday- Sunday No Restrictions
Seated Exercise and mobility programme Minimum of 4 days per week No Restrictions

Service Providers Price List

These are the current service providers and their current price lists. These services are facilitated by Aras Mhuire for the convenience of our residents. Price Lists are displayed at reception and are subject to change. Any changes will be notified accordingly.


Wash, cut and set                                                          €25.00

Colour cut and set                                                         €45 – €50

Bodywave                                                                        €50 – €55

Dry Cut                                                                             €12.00

Chiropody/ Podiatry private visit: ( Private visit)-      €20.00

Shoulder Massage – €20.00 (private visit)

Pharmacy Charges per Medication item €2.50 to a maximum of 25 Euros monthly



Families and Residents are invited to order tea and coffee during their visit, this service is available on request from our kitchen and is available free of charge. Tea and coffee making facilities are available in the day room between 2pm and 8pm daily.

A daily menu is displayed in the dining areas.


Wheelchair taxi to Kerry General Hospital with 1.5hour wait: €112 return

Wheelchair taxi to Kerry General Hospital without wait is €76 return

Escort to accompany resident is charged at €12 per hour

Wheelchair taxi to Listowel Community hospital €6 each way

Aras Mhuire to Cork University Hospital €125 return

Taxi Waiting time €25 per hour

Quotes can be arranged for all other journeys.

Arrangements for the provision and supervision of staff providing specific Therapeutic Techniques at Aras Mhuire Nursing Home:

Aras Mhuire Nursing Home will, where necessary refer you to professionally registered and supervised therapists to enhance your rehabilitation potential. The following therapy services are provided by referral to the hse: Physiotherapy, Dietitian Speech Therapy and Occupational therapy. A dietitian from a pharmaceutical company also reviews residents referred by the nursing staff two monthly.   Residents are also facilitated to obtain the services of private professionals.

All allied Health Professionals meet with the Manager ADON orCNM prior to consultations and also provide feedback verbally at the end of each consultation. This ensures adequate supervision arrangements are in place.

Dietician-Referrals to HSE Dietician are made as required but are subject to service availability. HSE Dietician is free of charge. Private sessions with a dietician can be organised (at extra cost)

Speech and Language Therapy-Referrals to HSE speech and language therapistsare made by GPs as required. Private sessions can also be arranged (at extra cost)

Audiology- available through the HSE or private appointments can be arranged (at extra cost)

Physiotherapy-available through the HSE or private sessions can be arranged (at extra cost).

Optical – all residents are seen in the home by Home call Opticare.

Residents will be facilitated to attend own optician/ophthalmologist if so desired.

Chiropody – we have a chiropodist attend the home on a regular basis.

The cost of this will be incurred by the individual resident.

Dentist – All residents are entitled to a free annual check-up, this will be facilitated to occur in house as far as possible. Appointments can be arranged as required and residents facilitated to attend.

Occupational therapy appointments can be arranged

through the HSE or privately and residents facilitated to attend.