Residents Wellbeing and Safety

Residents Rights

Each resident in Aras Mhuire Nursing Home has the right to:

  • Receive a contract outlining the rights and obligations of both the nursing home and the resident
  • Quality care which is appropriate to his or her needs
  • Ensure residents and where necessary their families are informed of all services that may be relevant to their needs regardless of their immediate availability
  • Full information about his or her own state of health and about available treatments
  • Maintain control over, and continue to make decisions about, the personal aspects of his or her daily life, financial affairs and possessions
  • Be consulted on, and to choose to have an input into, decisions about his or her living arrangements in the home
  • Exercise all of their civil and natural rights and to have access to services and activities which are generally available in the community
  • Personal privacy
  • Live without being obliged to feel grateful to those providing his or her care and accommodation
  • Live in a safe, secure and homelike environment, and to move freely both within and outside the nursing home without undue/unnecessary restrictions
  • Maintain his or her personal independence, which includes a recognition of personal responsibility for his or her own actions or choices, including those within which there is a degree of personal risk
  • Take responsibility for their own personal affairs and to undertake daily living tasks of which they are capable
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Be accepted as an individual and have his or her preferences taken into account
  • Be addressed in a form he or she is happy with
  • Select and maintain family, social and personal relationships with any other person, both within and outside the nursing home
  • Protection from harm and exploitation.

Consultation with Nursing Home and resident’s

Care plan:

Care plans are developed with the participation of the resident within 48 hours of admission. This will be individualised to set out the personal care needs and will provide direction to staff members caring for the resident. A review of the care plan will be prompted following any feedback; any changes in the personal needs/ circumstances and will be updated no less frequently than at four-monthly intervals. To ensure we have the resident’s full participation in this process we will communicate to each resident when a review is required and we will then set a mutually convenient time to complete the review process.

Contract of Care:

By agreeing to take up residency within Aras Mhuire Nursing Home the resident will be provided with a contract of care which the Person in Charge will discuss with you within the first 2 weeks of admission. This will be signed by the resident/relative and ensures that each resident has a legally binding assurance of high quality care standards and that we have an acknowledgement of the resident’s commitment to our terms and conditions which are as follows:

  • You agree to pay the required fee at a specified date, and via a method agreed by both parties.
  • Nursing Home Care which you are entitled to receive during your stay.
  • Fair Deal Application/ Funding amount is agreed.
  • List of all items covered by Fair Deal and standard fee of Aras Mhuire
  • List of supplementary costs, (not exhaustive) which may be applicable to your care.